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Here’s what we’re going to be doing. We are going to be using two different tools. The first tool we’re going to use allows us to legally siphon traffic off youtube.

Youtube is the second biggest website in the world, that’s own by Google.

Don’t worry, if you’re camera shy. There’s no need to be on video for this to work. We aren’t even going to be creating the videos. All the videos will be created on autopilot for us! At a mass volume.

This is an incredible way to get tons of traffic and leads.

The second part of the course is going to talk about how to take that traffic and turn it into viral leads. This is what’s going to explode your email lists much faster. But first we are going to discuss the tool needed and go over exactly how to drive traffic with it. Please bookmark this page.

Yive – Your Instant Video Empire

The tool we’re going to use is called Yive. Basically, its going to create the videos for us. All we need to do is provide the google/youtube accounts and the content needed to create the videos.

I’ll go over more of that in detail later. So its very easy and simple to do this process.

Let me first explain how powerful this is. For just $47 dollars a month. We get to upload 3,000 videos a month. Now, think about the power of that.

Eventually have 300 videos a day, 3,000 a month. ALL with our links in the description. Also with what is called a preroll video. We get to place an ad in front of the video, on all of them. That’s free advertising from youtube!.

Is that not going to be massive traffic, or what? This ALONE is powerful.

Join Yive Here – Once Capacity is Met Marcus Might Close This For Others To Join. It Takes Lots of Bandwidth and Resources To Run This Software. So I Wouldn’t Wait.

Google Accounts

Getting your Google Accounts. I’m going to go over this in detail exactly how to do this. Obviously, you can’t just create 300 accounts on your own without outside help. Because Google requires phone verification on these accounts. Don’t worry, I’ll discuss everything you need so you can get as many accounts needed.

No, its not free. But this does work. And costs about $1 dollar per account. So its cheap.

Don’t just go out and buy 300 accounts instantly. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Personally, I’d start off with 10 a week. Then work your way up.

The reason you don’t want to buy that many that fast. Is because if you’re buying from one vendor. If its a bad vendor, or they have just a bad batch (it does happen) and the accounts get pulled instantly off Youtube. Well, you’re kinda screwed. That’s a lot of money down the drain and lots of time wasted. We don’t want that.

I’ve seen Yive members make that mistake.

So start slow and build your way up. It’s safer and smarter.

VPN or Proxy

Very important. We must login to all these Google Accounts. Even the ones we buy. We must do a few things. Like change the password to our own. Change the recovery email to our own. Check the youtube channels and add our profile to the accounts.

But do not login to these accounts on your IP address. Because a few reasons. One, if you create too many accounts from your IP – google can block you. Two, if they end up terminating an account. They might terminate all accounts associated with your IP address. That would be bad.

So only login to these accounts on a VPN or Proxy. I have cheap options and a free one below.

Browsec – A good VPN service. Can be used for free. Premium version is cheap and offers more speed and locations. Personally, I’d just use the free version. You can use this as an extension on multiple browsers. Comes with a free USA one. I’ve used this just fine for logging into accounts.

NordVPN – Really love this because they offer multiple locations of a VPN. And its very cheap. Even safer than Browsec.

Proxy Blaze – Proxies are probably the best, since they’re private. Proxy blaze offers them dirt cheap.

My Private Proxy – Offers private and very affordable proxies. Reputable and trusted service.

Very important. ALWAYS clear your cache after you’re done logging into an account and setting it up. And I’d recommend using a browser you don’t use regularly for logging into these accounts on a VPN or proxy.

For example, if you’re a firefox user, then use Chrome. And vise vera if you’re a Chrome user.

Creating Passwords for Google Accounts

Whether creating or changes passwords. Coming up with you own on bulk accounts is tedious. This tool saves a lot of time. Generates unique passwords each time.

Strong Password Generator Tool

Recovery Emails

Use your own, in case you need to login to your accounts and forget the password by some chance. I’d would only use 1 recovery email for 3 Google accounts only.

Don’t use one recovery email for 50. That creates a massive footprint. And google will know all those accounts are coming from one single person. They’re not stupid.

You can create recovery emails without phone verification with yandex mail.

Where To Buy Google Accounts

These sites are the most recommended places to buy Google Accounts. Here’s my rule of thumb when buying. This is very important.

Only buy FRESH accounts. Fresh is cheaper and in my experience better. Because they don’t have much footprint history, and chances are they’ll be easier to access. Most the time not even a recovery email or phone number required to login to these accounts.

Always buy double verified accounts. Meaning the Youtube phone number on the accounts are added and verified. And always check they are after you’ve bought them.

Here’s how to do that. In case you’re not familiar with Youtube. Log into the account (on a VPN or Proxy – like discussed already). Go to settings under the avatar, then click channel status and features.

It should say verified. If it says verify, then its not. That’s just an example of my personal youtube account. I just use it for watching video and subscribing to different channels I like on youtube.

Only buy a few at a time to test their quality. 5-10 accounts.




Creating Google Accounts

This is probably the safest method to not getting youtube accounts banned. But there’s nothing guaranteed. If you want to create your own accounts you’ll need a phone verification to do it.

Both Google and Youtube accounts MUST be verified. Google doesn’t give you the option. You can’t create an account without a text verification.

You don’t have to on Youtube, but I strongly recommend you do so if you want to keep that account long-term.

Almost none of the free ones online work. There’s two I would use. We can use Netherlands virtual numbers for a very low price. I’ll show you how to do this.

JuicySMS – This will cost just 75 cents per account. Where you can verify using a Netherlands number. Here’s what’s cool. For just 50 cents you can verify your Google account. And then they have a service where you can rent that same phone number again for 25 cents.

So we can use it to verify our youtube account too. Very cheap. This will only work though on a Netherlands IP address. But good news, Browsec offers a Netherlands IP for free.

You’ll want to create these accounts on a Netherlands IP. Verify it. Then when complete switch back to the USA one on Browsec. And make sure the language is changed back to English. Very important you remember this after you’re finished. That all the settings are in United States English. On google and youtube.

This won’t trigger an unusual activity with Google, because the accounts are way too fresh.

Text verified – You can use USA text verification that will bypass both Google and Youtube. Its expensive though. For 20 accounts it will cost $50 dollars.

But this is probably the safest method. Since its United States created freshly. This is what Marcus personally recommends. He has more experience than myself at this, and has yet to lose an account. But its more expensive. If you don’t mind spending more. The most preferable method.

Name Generator Tool

If you’re going to create accounts. I use this tool to generate a name for it, then use it as the gmail address.

Youtube Descriptions

Cloak Links With URL Shortners

Setting Up Youtube Channel

Don’t leave the youtube channel empty. Setup with art channel, about section, and profile pic. Each profile pic should be unique and match the name.

If you bought an account. Leave the name the same. Don’t change it.

Get Profile Pics Free Here – just make sure the gender of the profile matches the name of the account.

Creating channel art. Use canva or Befunky to create channel art. Youtube channel art banners are 2560 pixels wide and 1440 pixels tall.

I’d create 10 banner ads. They don’t have to be anything special. Just use variety different background colors and use different text.

This is so every single channel you create doesn’t look identical.

How To Warm Up Accounts

At some point its possible you might get an account terminated no matter what you do. Don’t let that freak you out. Just keep going! But here are the best ways to avoid that as much as possible.

Subscribe To Newsletters – If you only use youtube, and never have any emails this in your inbox on these accounts, that won’t look right. Gmail accounts that are vacant might smell bad. And stand a good chance of getting your youtube removed. Subscribe to at least 10 newsletters.

One of the thing Yive does is ‘season’ the accounts. It will log in to gmail to check emails and click on them. It will go on youtube watch, like, and subscribe to people. So it looks like a normal active account, and not just used to uploading videos. The more normal the account looks, the better chance it will last.

I have a link you can use to that saves time finding newsletters to subscribe to.

100 Newsletters to Subscribe To

Make Sure Your Youtube Profiles Are Filled Out – Don’t leave your profiles empty. Because this doesn’t look good.

Allow Accounts To Season on Yive for 14 Days – Don’t upload any video on Yive for at least 14 days. The seasoning option warms up the accounts. You’ll know when the account is ready. Screen shot below shows an example. Green means its ready for uploading videos.

Follow Everything I’ve Laid Out – Everything I’ve laid out above is a good way to avoid getting massive amounts of accounts removed. Stick with it and you’ll be okay. It might be tedious work, but its worth it.

How To Add Google Accounts To Yive

Snapshot of google account and mention the phone number


How To Find RSS Feeds for Yive

Mostly we’re going to be focused on RSS feed and Keyword campaigns. Since we can use what is known as a pre-roll video. This puts an ad in front of your video. It’s a call-of-action that advertises for you! This is powerful. Because everyone that watches our video sees this ad.

I created one for you to use for free. If you don’t want to create on yourself. Scroll below and download the preroll if you want to use it.

I’m not going to go over how to setup the keyword campaign. Since Marcus goes into great detail in the back office.



How To Hijack Buyer Traffic

How To Setup a Yive Campaign

This is pretty simple and to the point. I want to show you how I setup my campaigns. To keep everything organized and very easy to track.

First thing is to name the campaign. I like to put the name of the Youtube channel followed by the RSS feed link so I can keep track of each campaign. This make its very simple to stay organized which your campaigns.

Put in the RSS domain feed. Needs to be the actual RSS feed url, not just a regular URL. And always check ‘Allow Duplicates’ in case someone is already using that feed.

If you want to filter out words you can. I tend to leave that blank unless I’m having an issue with a particular campaign and need to filer out specific words.

Click single video for ‘Preroll type’. Add your preroll video. You really want the preroll video. You can leave it blank, but I don’t recommend it. Again, if you don’t have one – you can use mine below. It works for the make money online niche.

I move the slides per video all the way to 50. Because longer videos tend to rank better in Google. Also, I switch slide duration from 9 to 15 seconds. So the text doesn’t move too fast per slide. That could tend to be annoying to a user. We want to make sure the videos are watchable.

For audio. I just put in background music only. You can do voice overs too. I don’t recommend this. For one, they sound a bit robotic. Two, Google/Youtube has been head hunting these videos. So I’d just stick to background music only.

Next; for distribution I’d put none. Because we want to first test the video to make sure it looks okay. I had this issue where some wordpress plugin codes were showing up as text in a video.

So, I had to go back and filter that out so it doesn’t look weird. This is why I test the campaign first.

If everything looks good on the video. Come back and then click auto: upload videos automatically.

Put in your tags and description. Obviously you want your link in the description.

For resource link. I don’t include it, unless the blog is an affiliate marketing product review site. I tend to use the resource link for those sites. Because sometimes a visitor might be interested in buying that product. But will leave the video if they see no link to it.

Just 1 day a video I recommend. You can go more, but I prefer to just keep it to 1 a day to be safe. Click render automatically, and campaign status. Save campaign then you’re done.






Pre Roll Video

Pre Roll Video